Weaving a Better World, One Towel at a Time

At LILA N' BERRY, we believe that even a towel can make waves of change in a world craving for heartfelt values and genuine intentions.

The Power of Personal Experiences: A Journey Rooted in Giving Back

Behind every successful journey lies a personal story that fuels the drive. At Lila N’ Berry, our journey is deeply rooted in a shared vision of giving back, born out of personal experiences. We choose not to dwell on past struggles, but rather recognize the invaluable role they've played in shaping our desire to make a difference. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to aiding those in need - especially children facing adversities.

A Remarkable Tale from Childhood: Overcoming Challenges and Preserving Dreams

It all started with a remarkable tale from our childhood. Two individuals, having overcome life's harsh challenges, entered adulthood without losing their capacity to dream. Inspired by the hardships we've endured, our path led us to create Lila N' Berry - a brand symbolizing our passion for elegant, high-quality, and aesthetically pleasing towels, each with its own unique story.

The Belilian Program: Building Bridges of Assistance for Children in Need

The Belilian program is another key chapter in our story. Recalling the challenges of our early years, we established a platform to support children. Our aim was not just to create a charity, but to build a business that delivers exceptional products while making a positive impact on the community. With Belilian, we've built a bridge of assistance, connecting you, us, and children in need.

A Business with a Heart for the Community: Exceptional Products and Social Impact

As the Lila N’ Berry family, we've found the opportunity to contribute to the community while pursuing our passion. Our love and care drive us to maintain high standards. Our primary focus is on supporting children in need worldwide and contributing as much as possible to their educational goals. We believe that taking action today can lead to a brighter tomorrow. This journey we've embarked on is just the beginning of our philanthropic endeavors.

"This is not just a business venture, but a testament to our belief that everyone can make a difference. Together, let's build not just a brand, but a movement that resonates with compassion and unity."



''Life is more than just breathing,'' she says. Led by this motto, Sezi has been helping others for nearly 20 years. A trip to Africa 7 years ago, where she had the opportunity to carry volunteer aid projects from Turkey to Ghana, shaped her understanding of the world and her dedication to support those in need. She currently works in the charity she founded to build a better tomorrow. To get to know more about her story, watch the documentary about her journey" click here.


Belilian is an open call for those who want to be a part of the movement and is always in search of new ambassadors to collaborate on projects that serve the common good. To become a giving ambassador, Yll up the form here. Our sustainability team will reach out to you.