"In this world, I have come to be known as Bora, and I have experienced a variety of roles that life has presented me with. I have engaged intensely with two very different fields, music and architecture, and have been able to demonstrate my passion and talent in both. With music, I managed to form a deep connection with people and to influence them. With architecture, I could transform individuals' living spaces, thereby enhancing the quality of their lives. Throughout this journey, I had one single goal: to do everything with all my heart.
Now, I have a six-year-old doughter, Lila, and like any father, I want her to grow up in a better world. Therefore, I have been working on a business model that aims not only to do a better job but also to create an ethical and equal future. With this purpose, I created LILA N’ BERRY. This venture is a company that meticulously plans every detail of its products and aims to leave a positive impact on the world.
I consider my team members as my family and aim to share the successes we achieve with them. I envision LILA N’ BERRY as a cornerstone for a sustainable and equal future. Our goal is to raise the bar in the industry and to become a better company every day. To reach this goal, we conduct our designs responsibly, take on more responsibility, and work to make LILA N’ BERRY better with each passing day.
Thank you for the opportunity to share our story with you. I hope that LILA N’ BERRY brings you a bit of happiness."